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Cashmere Shawl Deluxe Jar (Vanilla, Amber, Plum, Peach Blossom)

Cashmere Shawl Deluxe Jar (Vanilla, Amber, Plum, Peach Blossom)

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Like a warm and comforting hug, "Cashmere Shawl" is a mildly sweet yet luxurious scent that can subtly accentuate the atmosphere of your home. The depth of the sweeter notes of vanilla and amber bring about a particular feeling of warmth while the floral and gentle fruity notes add an elegant flair to the overall scent. By smelling this, you can experience the warmth and luscious comfort of being wrapped in a lush cashmere shawl.

Scent Profile:
• Top: Pear, Bergamot, Peach Blossom
• Middle: Warm Amber, Jasmine, Cashmere, Plum
• Base: Musk, Sheer Vanilla, Sandalwood, Sugar, Freesia

Care Instructions

Please allow your candle to burn for around 3-4 hours for its initial burn in order to create a fuller melt pool and prevent tunneling. For coconut wax candles, it's normal to have some hangup on the sides early on but the wax on the sides will catch up as the candle burns down. This is because coconut wax is softer and burns hotter than typical waxes. Before every burn, please trim your wick (about 1/8") in order to remove the burnt portions. This prevents excessive smoke.


Our candles are handcrafted in small batches with a high quality coconut and beeswax blend, FSC certified crackling wooden wicks, and phthalate-free fragrances. These ingredients make for a clean and slow-burning candle. Our 12oz deluxe jar candles have a burn time of around 80 hours.


Jar Dimensions w/ Lid: 4.5" x 3.75" x 3.75"

Box Dimensions: 6" x 4" x 4"

Total Weight: 2 lbs/907 g

Net Weight: 12oz/340 g

Shipping & Returns

Please expect around 3-5 business days for your order to be processed. If there are any issues with your order, please contact us immediately. We accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase.

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